By engineering advanced temperature measurement systems, our Sekidenko optical fiber thermometers position our thermal management solutions among the world's best by adding value for our customers—whether you're an OEM who requires custom solutions or an end user who needs application expertise.

Advanced Energy's Sekidenko line of optical fiber thermometers offer field-proven temperature measurement technologies for advanced temperature control in plasma thin-film manufacturing. With our in-situ probes, you gain real-time measurement of wafer or chamber-component temperatures, enabling process control optimization. Our pioneering optical fiber thermometry has led to the development of superior temperature control instruments that are accurate, repeatable, and easy to use. With many years of experience in a variety of applications, shipping thousands of OFT systems in RTP, CVD, PVD, and strip systems, we've become the recognized leaders in advanced non-contact temperature measurement.

Photo of Sekidenko OR 4000T and OR4000E Optical Fiber Thermometers and Emissometers   Photo of Sekidenko OR400M Optical Fiber Thermometers and Emissometers   Photo of Sekidenko OR400T Optical Fiber Thermometer