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Advanced Energy 是用于半导体生产的高科技制造工艺关键技术开发与支持的全球领导者。我们精密灵活的电源系统、可靠的气体与液体流量管理系统和精确的温度测量仪全部都用于多级半导体设备制造中,包括沉积(物理气相沉积技术、化学气相沉积技术、电镀、原子层沉积层)、化学洗脱(蚀刻、刮除、化学机械研磨)以及表面处理工艺(离子注入、RTP)。







March 26, 2008 - Advances in Radio Frequency Plasma Power Delivery Systems presentation



June 27, 2006 - AE Unveils New Line of Sekidenko Multi-Channel OFTs and Emissometers

May 16, 2006 - AE Awarded Design Win by Leading Provider 

Arc Handling in RF-Superimposed DC Processes (2006) white paper

Overview of the Use of Copper Interconnects in the Semiconductor Industry (2004) white paper

Performance Considerations of High-Power AC Plasma Deposition Power Supplies (2004) white paper 


Power Supply Topologies (1999) white paper

Beyond Pressure Transients: Using Pressure-Insensitive MFCs to Control Gases In Semiconductor Manufacturing, March 2006 magazine reprint


Powering to better yields, November 2005 magazine reprint

Power Conversion and Control Reduces CoO and Improves Yield, March 2005 magazine reprint

Maximizing tool uptime and process stability through an RF system upgrade, November 2004 magazine reprint

Fabs can ride through voltage sags with power-quality targets, July 2004 magazine reprint

A Novel Frequency-Domain Small-Signal Analysis of Resonant Power Converters, July 2004 magazine reprint

Partial Pressure Control in Reactive Sputtering, June 2004 magazine reprint

A Novel Pulsed Supply With Arc Handling and Leading Edge Control, April 2004 magazine reprint

High Power Pulsed Reactive Sputtering of Zirconium Oxide and Tantalum Oxide, April 2004 magazine reprint

Reactive Sputter Deposition of Aluminum Oxide Coatings, April 2004 magazine reprint

Effective Closed-Loop Control for Reactive Sputtering Using Two Reactive Gases, April 2004 magazine reprint

Stabilizing RF Generator and Plasma Interactions, April 2004 magazine reprint


Optimising performance by integrating RF power and match technologies, December 2007/January 2008 magazine reprint

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