Precision optical temperature measurement pyrometers for superior process consistency, product quality, and productivity

AE enables the highest consistency, reliability, and performance precision in temperature-critical environments. We are an established supplier for heating applications with technologies, expertise, and quality processes based on decades of experience in the most demanding applications in the world. To our industrial temperature measurement products, we bring the same rigor that has made us a leading supplier to the semiconductor industry.

The stability and repeatability of AE thermal measurement products enable remarkable process uniformity, with proprietary technologies that ensure dependable performance over a wide range of environmental temperature conditions.
  • Proven pyrometer temperature measurement precision and repeatability
    • Industry-leading, proprietary calibration methodology
    • Extreme accuracy even for moving or inaccessible work pieces, or when direct physical contact would damage the work product

Reduce risk, improve product quality, and maximize yield with proven AE technology, comprehensive expertise, and best-in-class support.